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Facial Cleanser

Ultimate clean, no over-drying

Clearing Tonic

Instant skin rebalancing

Acne Treatment Serum

All-day Protection

Clear Pore Serum

All night pore clearing

Derm-X Cloth

Skin renewing exfoliation

Moisture Complex

Weightless oil-free moisture

Microderm Scrub

Instantly Smoother Skin

Clarifying Mask

Deep down skin detox

Probiotic Complex

Clearer skin from the inside


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Over 20 Years of amazing results.
I started to notice results within my first month of use and to this day I’m noticing more and more changes in my skin.
I had really bad skin. I tried so many products and spent a lot of money, but nothing worked. Exposed is the best treatment I have ever tried and I could not live without it.
I make sure to stay consistent following the handy "5 Rules" that come in every order and those have made a huge difference. I'm so grateful to have finally found something that works for me!
Exposed has really helped me come out of my shell and feel great about myself. I recommend them to anyone I know who’s struggles with acne and I suggest you give them a try too! Honestly, I don’t know what I would of have done if I didn’t find you. Thank you Exposed!
As women our self-esteem and beauty shouldn't come from the exterior, but as confident as one might be, large clusters of acne front and center is truly debilitating. I can't believe how freeing exposed products have made me feel just by clearing up my acne, it really is literally life changing.
My mom came across Exposed Skincare and she purchased me a basic kit. My skin is still a work in progress, but it has never looked and felt so healthy!
Before using Exposed, I was kind of person who didn't have self confidence, and I isolated myself from everyone including my family due to acnes. I know acnes are something we cannot control, and acnes don't reflect our lifestyle, but I was still embarrassed whenever people looked at my face. However, Exposed has changed my life and my lifestyle also. I became more sociable, laid back, and even more confident. I wish I could have known Exposed earlier, so I could enjoy my life. Thanks Exposed Skin Care.
My husband found Exposed online and bought it for me because he knew I didn't want anything that would be really hard on my skin or health but still strong enough to clear the acne and after about one month I saw significant improvements. After two short months of following their guidelines I am finally completely acne free. I always hated having acne throughout my teen years and into adulthood so Exposed has really improved my daily life!
I saw improvements within days! I was really nervous at first because the website said the acne could get worse before it got better, but I never went through that. The blemishes I had when I started exposed healed like normal, and I watched in disbelief as no new break outs appeared! It was so surreal.
It's a hard hit to your confidence when you don't want to leave the house without makeup, but with Exposed, I haven't used makeup in ages. Instead of commenting of the red marks on my face people comment on my freckles now that they can see them. Thanks Exposed!
Been dreaming of a day where I feel confident sharing these horrendous pictures of my face that just projects insecurity, anger and sadness - however it's still giving me huge anxiety.
Seriously some improvement here! This is by using @banishacnescars dermaroller kit and also their pumpkin enzyme mask. I also use @esc_skincare twice daily. Still have some more work to do but I’m overall very happy than I’ve ever been before!
This is my result after 24 days. I love Exposed like crazy. I thankful for Exposed make me feel confident, again ^^
I’ve been thinking about posting this for a long time. These pictures are super hard to share! [...] I finally started using Exposed Skin Care and it has been a HUGE life changer. With my stress level down (lol) and using Exposed, I finally have the clearest skin I’ve ever had since I was probably 12 years old.
After 14 weeks of using Exposed Skincare, I can now say that I have reached the results that I wanted. What a difference! Now hopefully it stays like this!
So I wanna share my skin story with y’all Incase there is anyone out there who feels like trying to get your skin clear is a never ending battle...let me tell ya, I UNDERSTAND the STRUGGLE! [...] Exposed def exceeded the criteria on what it takes to seriously clear up skin. [...] ...but I’m now about a month into my new routine and the results are freaking amazing!
Huge shoutout to Exposedskincare for making my face pretty again!
When your skin is transformed in 3.5 months...... just in time for the sun!
It's taken a lot of confidence-building to post this buuuut... from March 20th to June 15th, my exposedskincare journey so far! I'm so, so pleased with the results, I haven't had skin this clear for years!
I sat across from my dermatologist and heard the skin death sentence: your acne is so bad all that you can do is take oral acne meds...
Exposed Skincare has completely changed my skin for the better. I have used so many products over the years and I’ve never seen results like this. Within a week my skin was noticeably more clear to everyone around me.
I have struggled with cystic acne for about 4 years. Much like others who have acne I have spent hundreds of dollars on skincare products and nothing ever worked, and that was so discouraging. Having acne that you cannot control really affects your confidence.
I started using exposed skincare over 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since! I’ve suffered with acne since I was 13 and I literally would not even nip to the corner shop without makeup on as I was so conscious of my skin. Not only were they ruining my self esteem, they were also so painful.
After two and a half years on exposed skincare my skin has never looked better and now I require less product to keep it up.
I was struggling with my self-image as a result of my horrible acne. I went to a dermatologist, but nothing they prescribed worked.
I had been a Proactiv user since high school. I'm 30 now. I had got some good results with them but I was never really satisfied with my results. Few months ago I started breaking out more than I've had in years.
I absolutely love this product. I don’t get dry skin after usage. I have seen such a major transformation in only a few months. This product completely altered my appearance. I definitely recommend!