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Exposed Skin Care - Jade

Been dreaming of a day where I feel confident sharing these horrendous pictures of my face that just projects insecurity, anger and sadness - however it's still giving me huge anxiety.

Around 5 months ago I was offered the opportunity to see a dermatologist – an opportunity I had been longing for for around 18 months. They wanted to put me on medication called Accutane, which after carefully researching/asking for advice I decided against, which, at the time was soul destroying cos all I wanted was for my spots to piss off. So for the past 4 months I have been combining a contraceptive pill called Dianette as well as using an American skincare brand called Exposed Skincare @esc_skincare. This requires a strict morning and evening routine and I can proudly say I haven’t missed a day (even though sometimes cleaning your skin at 4am pissed isnt ideal, or traveling abroad with 100ml containers in your hand luggage, again, isn’t ideal). Just like before, I just want to share these pictures as more of a mental health mile stone for myself. Although I am not 100% happy with my skin and have many days where the thought of leaving the house without make-up petrifies me, looking back at these pictures and seeing raw emotion (look how glossy my eyes are from crying in some of the pictures) to now makes me feel proud and as though I have overcome a some kind of insecurity – to some extent ? I have also chose to do my dissertation on appearance, with my self-reflection being soley on how mental health is affected by acne as I personally do not feel it is taken as seriously as it should! p.s, I’m kicking myself for cutting off my hair!!! P.p.s always be kind to eachother!

~ Jade