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Victoria M.

Exposed Skin Care - Victoria M.

I sat across from my dermatologist and heard the skin death sentence: your acne is so bad all that you can do is take oral acne meds...

So, as anyone who wants to have clear skin, I resigned that this is what I had to do and asked my dermatologist to order for me. The Lord clearly stopped me in my tracks as I was about to go pick it up from the pharmacy; so I prayed and He said not to take it. What followed was that He spent time healing my heart from finding my identity in my beauty/clear skin, but He also led me to Exposed which healed my skin in a few short months and has continued to improve it ever since. I’ve had many, many people ask me about what improved my skin so much because they saw the incredible change! A few of the highlights for me have been that my skin is no longer painful with acne, the products weren’t drying/agitating to my skin, my husband is free to kiss my cheeks, and Exposed is actually GOOD for me (unlike oral acne meds!). I am grateful for these products and have recommended them numerous times: they worked for me when nothing else did while I was also in the worst state of acne. Thank you for your wonderful customer service (they’ve been so helpful!), for a great product, and for revitalized skin!

~ Victoria M.