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Clarifying Mask (Special Offer)
Clarifying Mask (Special Offer)
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Facial Cleanser

Ultimate clean, no over-drying

Clearing Tonic

Instant skin rebalancing

Acne Treatment Serum

All-day Protection

Clear Pore Serum

All night pore clearing

Derm-X Cloth

Skin renewing exfoliation

Moisture Complex

Weightless oil-free moisture

Microderm Scrub

Instantly Smoother Skin

Clarifying Mask

Deep down skin detox

Probiotic Complex

Clearer skin from the inside


Gary Nguyen

Exposed Skin Care - Gary Nguyen

Before using Exposed, I was kind of person who didn’t have self confident, and I isolated myself from everyone including my family due to acnes. I know acnes are something we cannot control, and acnes don’t reflect our lifestyle, but I was still embarrassed whenever people looked at my face. However, Exposed has changed my life and my lifestyle also. I became more sociable, laid back, and even more confident. I wish I could have known Exposed earlier, so I could enjoy my life. Thanks Exposed Skin Care.

I had acnes for over 5 years, and I tried a lot of acne treatment products before like Murad, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear,..but none of them worked for me. Then I was recommended to try Proactiv by my friend; however, it burned my skin so bad, and my skin turned dark for a while. Being so frustrated, I went to see a dermatologist. I spent so much money on buying products as her suggestion and took medicine as well; unfortunately, it was just a waste of money. At that time, I was very hopeless, and I thought that there was nothing can cure my acnes, which I had had for 5 years, but I didn’t know there is still a miraculous product out there.

A couple months later, I found out Exposed when surfing the Internet. I did some research about it and decided to give it a try. At that point, I had nothing to lose. And Exposed doesn’t make me disappointed like the other products I used. People say that you will see the improvements since the second week using Exposed, but for me, I could see the differences after a week using it. My skin seemed calmer and less pimples coming out. It looked so much nicer and cleaner. Fortunately, my skin didn’t detoxify, which makes more acnes coming out. My skin tended to be clearer and clearer. After my 1st Exposed Skin Care kit, I started to get compliments on my skin, which I had never got before, and the compliments motivated me to keep using Exposed products.

~ Gary Nguyen