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Facial Cleanser


This rich, but gentle, face wash is specially formulated to clear skin and prevent blemishes.

Clearing Tonic


The Exposed Clearing Tonic is a powerful facial toner that rebalances problem skin after cleansing.

Acne Treatment Serum


The Exposed Acne Treatment Serum penetrates deep into pores to prevent new blemishes and whiteheads.

Clear Pore Serum


The Exposed pore clearing serum is a lightweight gel that helps clarify and balance skin overnight.

Moisture Complex


The Exposed Skin Care Moisture Complex is an oil-free hydrating facial gel that moisturizes skin without clogging pores.

Microderm Scrub


This gentle microderm exfoliator is formulated to resurface rough, dull-looking skin.

Body Wash


The Exposed Body Wash is a gentle, exfoliating acne body wash designed to treat and eliminate breakouts all over the body.

Clarifying Mask


The Exposed Clarifying Face Mask is a powerful, mineral-infused mask that purifies skin and visibly minimizes pores.

Probiotic Complex


The Exposed Skin Care Probiotic Complex is a natural daily supplement designed to balance the body and nourish skin from the inside out.

Derm-X Cloth


The Derm-X Cloth is a facial microdermabrasion towel that is proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove cosmetics, oil and dirt. 10×10 in

Derm-X Body Cloth


The Derm-X Body Cloth is a microdermabrasion cloth that gently exfoliates rough, dull all over the body. 12×30 in

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