Causes of Acne

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We all know the effects of acne — redness, inflammation, pimples, scars, and, worst of all, low self-esteem. Information about the best acne treatment solutions requires a little bit more research, but understanding the causes and treatments of acne will pay off in your search for the right acne treatment solution.


What Are the Direct Causes of Acne?

Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples are all caused by an overproduction of oil inside the hair follicles located beneath the surface of the skin. The skin follicles located on our skin are covered by an oily substance known as sebum, which is released by our sebaceous glands. In individuals with clear skin, the released sebum moves up the follicle wall and settles on the skin without a problem. However, things don’t always run so smoothly. When too much oil fills the skin pores, they can become clogged and keep oil from escaping. The clogged pores become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which then mix with dead skin cells and further clog the pores.

If there is no inflammation near the pore, the clogged area may become a whitehead or blackhead, depending on how many skin cells cover the opening of the follicle. If the bacteria causes to inflammation, a more severe form of acne known as “acne vulgaris” can form. Good acne treatment solutions will attack the bacteria hidden inside the skin pores and wash away the cells that cover them, allowing oils to escape.

What Are the Indirect Causes of Acne?

Excess oil can lead to whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and pimples, but why do the skin pores produce too much oil in the first place? Two important factors play a major role in the production of oil — hormones and genetics.

Fluctuating hormones can change how much oil is released into the pores, and the unpredictability of hormones can make finding the right acne treatment very frustrating. It’s not a coincidence that the best acne treatment products target teenagers. During adolescence, the body undergoes physical changes and hormonal alterations that can stimulate oil producing sebaceous glands. When the glands begin to release oil, clear skin becomes a rare commodity.

Another important factor in the release of oil is genetic predisposition. Unfortunately some of us are just more prone to releasing large amounts of oil. This may explain why some adults continue to have breakouts, even after they’re done maturing physically. Luckily, a genetic predisposition to acne does not prevent individuals from finding the best acne treatment solutions for their face and body.


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