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When trying to decide what approach to take when treating your acne, you will be bombarded with companies which claim to offer the best acne treatments routine and products. In order to decide what are the best acne treatments routines, you need to be aware of two things, firstly what the active ingredients are and how they affect your skin and secondly the best method to use the products in order to clear breakouts and maintain clear skin.

Acne Treatment Routine to Follow for Clear and Healthy Skin

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There are two ingredients which are the most effective when treating acne. These are Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. Put simply, salicylic acid exfoliates your skin and prevents your pores from becoming blocked. Benzoyl Peroxide is very effective at killing the bacteria which cause acne and therefore helps prevents further breakouts and maintain clear skin.

When choosing the best acne treatment routine for you, it is important to check that whichever routine you go with, these ingredients are present. Overall, in your treatment regime you will be aiming to reduce the skin’s oil, exfoliate to prevent dead cells from clogging pores and finally kill bacteria to prevent further acne outbreaks.

We believe that that the Exposed Skin Care Basic Kit is the way to achieve your clear skin goals and effectively treat and rid your skin of acne. Here is a simple guide to using our starter kit to clear your face of acne.

1. Clean Your Face

Best Acne Facial Cleanser, Acne treatment routine
Exposed Skin Care / Facial Cleanser

For this you can use our Facial Cleanser. It is a gentle soap-free wash that is both non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t cause blackheads) and hypo-allergenic (which means it’s suitable for the most sensitive of skin). It contains a special formulation of alpha & beta hydroxyl acids as well as olive leaf extract which work together to remove oil and dirt from your pores. Just use the Facial Cleanser to wash your face gently twice a day and you are already helping to rid your skin of acne.

2. Exfoliate

Best Microderm Scrub, Acne treatment routine
Exposed Skin Care / Microderm Scrub

The point of exfoliation is to unblock pores and prevent future blackheads. Salicylic acid is essential for effective exfoliation and it is present in both our Clearing Tonic and Clear Pore Serum. You should use these together with our Derm-X Cloth which will remove any dead skin cells present in your pores.

3. Disinfection

Best Acne Treatment Serum, Acne treatment routine
Exposed Skin Care / Acne Treatment Serum

After removing dead skin cells you need to kill any bacteria residing in your pores which could cause acne breakouts. This is where Benzoyl Peroxide comes into play, our products contain a 3.5% concentration, and this is strong enough to be effective without causing skin irritation. Just wash affected areas of your skin with our Acne Treatment Serum and you’ll quickly start to see results.

We guarantee results if you follow this regime carefully for thirty days. All the products mentioned above are available in our Basic Kit. Of course you can do more, many people recommend light moisturising to prevent any dry skin. The Expanded Kit includes the Moisture Complex which works to maintain healthy looking skin.


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